Genealogical Society of Monroe County, MI

GSMC History


After two successful years of genealogical workshops, plans were made to start the Society.  On July 15, 1977, the first planning meeting was held, attended by:  Mary Betley, Pat Hudson, Linda Owens, Donna Ryder, Barbara Roe, Martha Bable, Catherine Bodenmiller, Jo Hirst, Mary Cron, Rebecca Myland, Margaret West, Frances Cronenwett, Mary Henrich, Edna Toburen, Dorothy Heinlen, Jeanette Miller, Judy Carr, Marcia Fix, Frieda Kellie, and Genevieve Rowland.
The Genealogical Society of Monroe County, Michigan was formed with the following officers:
President:  Genevieve Rowland
Vice President:  Biljana Delevich
Recording Secretary:  Patricia Hudson
Corresponding Secretary:  Marcia Fix
Treasurer:  Judy Carr
Membership Chairman:  Dorothy Heinlen
Publicity Chairmen:  Margaret West & Rebecca Myland
The Society was subsequently invited to join the Michigan Genealogical Council and held its first seminar on September 10, 1977. Some of the early activities of the society included participation in the Old Frenchtown Days festivals in Monroe and compiling the history of the early German settlers of Monroe County.

In 2012, GSMC celebrated its 35th anniversary and held its annual seminar on March 31, 2012 at Monroe County Community College.

The GSMC's membership has remained steady with 150 members as of 2018.  Attendance at the monthly meetings averages 35 members and guests. The annual seminar has averaged 180 participants over the past ten years.  Publication of census, birth, marriage and death books continues with several members taking an active part in these projects.