Genealogical Society of Monroe County, MI

Mission and Purpose

  • To collect and preserve the records of our ancestors. 
  • To encourage members in genealogical research. 
  • To compile and prepare records. 
  • To establish and maintain an archive of genealogical records and books through donations. 
  • To cooperate with other genealogical societies. 
  • To sponsor and encourage educational meetings, lectures, and activities on genealogy and history. 
Our meetings are usually held the first Saturday of each month (except July & August) at the Monroe County Community College in the Administration Building (at the south end of campus) at 1:00pm.  Refreshments are served and all are welcome to attend.  Exceptions to our regular meeting time and place will be posted on our website and will appear in the Monroe News. 

Operating Year: January - December 2023

President: Mike E. Van Wasshnova
Vice President: Rana Willit
Treasurer: Rick Grassley
Secretary: Lorrie R. Koenig
Alternate Secretary: Judy A. Carr
Committee Chairs
Archivist: Jim R. Ryland
Membership: Barbara F. Roe
MGC Delegate: Sandra Rekuc
MGC Delegate 2: Laurie K. Schultz
Newsletter Editor: Loretta Dunham
Publications: Nancy Mattox
Refreshments: Sandra Rekuc
Seminar Chair: Chris Kull
Sunshine: Judy A. Carr
Webmaster: Loretta Dunham
Cemetery Indexes: Loretta Dunham
Civil War & 1812 Veterans: Vacant
Newspaper Index: Ray M. Dushane
Potter Cemetery: Sue Donovan

GSMC Past Presidents


 Genevieve Rowland           1977-1978
Phyllis LaVigne                1978-1980
Virginia Mehregan           1980-1983
Dan Muszynski                1983-1992
James VanSlambrouk      1992-1993
 Rick Grassley                    1993-2000
 Jan Keeler                          2000-2001
Beulah Mens                     2001-2003
Connie Ayres                    2003-2004
Lucy Pitcher                      2004-2005
Margie Braden                  2005-2005
Jim Pritchett                      2005-2008
Doris Blessing                  2009-2012
Loretta Dunham                2012-2014
Mike Van Wasshnova        2014-