Genealogical Society of Monroe County, MI

Deeds Missing from Land Office

During a recent visit to the land office, we found that a few pages had been removed from a few of the deed books. The deeds were for property owned by the Custer family, however the back of each of these pages had another family on them.  Fortunately the deed books were microfilmed BEFORE these pages were cut out.  Below are copies of the deeds that were removed (copied from the microfilm located in the Library of Michigan).
  • Liber 82 Page 469  Libbie Baker (formerly Bickford) to George Custer dated 1874  (before you send me notes saying George A. Custer was married to Libbie BACON, note that this deed is for George Custer, George A. Custer's uncle and not the famed General)
  • Liber 82 Page 470 Jane Ann Jones to John Sortor  dated 1874
  • Liber 84 Page 293 George & Sydney Custer to Libbie Baker dated 1874
  • Liber 84 Page 294 Seneca & Sarah Potter to Robert Parson dated 1874
More will be added as I have time to visit Lansing (the deed films were in storage the last few times I visited the library).  Hopefully this helps someone who was unable to find the deeds in the ledgers in the Monroe County Land Office.