Genealogical Society of Monroe County, MI
This page was created in the hope that photos of unidentified Monroe County residents or places can be identified.  If you have photos to share, please send an electronic copy so I can post it here.  No recent photos (after 1960) or photos taken by a professional photographer (unless prior to 1923) will be accepted.
If you can identify the place or person in any of these photos, please send a note to GSMC and indicate which photo with the name and any other information you may know about the photo.  THANKS!
Photo A:  Photo taken in Monroe about 1920.  Possibly Helen Navarre.  Was in collection of Elsie Rutledge.  If you know who these little girls are, please let us know!  
Photo B:  The lady on the right is Carrie (Carney) Moyer.  The woman on the left is unknown.  Photo probably taken about 1890-1900.  Could be one of Carrie's sisters- she had at least 2 that lived in Monroe County.
Photo C:  Miss. Merrifield's class from Junction School on Plank Road taken 10 Oct 1918.  The little boy in the second row on the far right is Harry Rothman.  His sister, Lena, is in the front row on far right.
The school building still stands on Plank Road, but is now a private residence.
Photo D:  This photo was dropped off to be framed at Fultz by a Mr. & Mrs. Conner.  Nothing is known about when this photo was taken or left at Fultz.  It appears the man in the back of the photo was added in.  He is dressed much nicer and there are slight wavy lines around his entire body.
Photo E:  Photo of a band from Monroe County taken sometime between 1920 and 1930.  Any help to identify the band or any of the band members would be appreciated.
Photo F:  Albain Homestead.  The Albain homestead was at the southwest corner of Albain Rd and S. Dixie. It was moved in the 1960's to an unknown location. The photos are from the 1970's Monroe county historic home survey.  Anyone know where the house is located now?
Photo G:  LaSalle District #2 School.  Built in 1877 and razed in 1955. It was on the site of the current LaSalle Twp. Hall, on LaPlaisance and S. Dixie.