Genealogical Society of Monroe County, MI

Frequently Asked Questions

New to genealogy?  Not sure where to get started?  Want to know more about your family?
Before you send off an e-mail asking for information, answer these three questions!
WHO- who do you want to know about- we need names, including maiden names of married women.  
WHEN- when were they born or die?  If you don't know exact dates, an estimate helps.... our records cover from the very early 1800's to recent times... so we need to narrow things to at least a decade or two.
WHERE- we have MONROE County, MICHIGAN records, so they had to have been born, married, or died in Monroe County, Michigan for us to have records of them. 
We have many records in our archives and would love to be able to help you find your family, but we need these 3 basic items to get started.  Check the Betty Gay index and the Martha Churchill list for your families too.  These two ladies have researched many Monroe County families and have graciously provided us with copies of their research for our website.  
We also have several links for doing research yourself on our website under the Monroe Research button on left menu.  All of the links found here are FREE.