Genealogical Society of Monroe County, MI

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Husband Surname   Husband Given Name Wife Surname Wife Given Name
ANDERSON William Calvin Jasper Jeanette Anna
ANDERSON William Curtis Fuller Maybelle A.
ANGERER Alvin Friedrich Eighmey Alice
ANGERER Friedrich Carl/Charles Reinhardt Maria Margaretha
ANGERER Johann Michael Grauf Eva Katharina
ANGERER Johann Michael Mogel Eva Karolina
ANGERER Johann Michael/Andrew M. Stibor Margaret
ANGERER Lyle A. Ruettinger Margene
ANGERER Theodore William Adler Hortense A.
ANSELL Jeremiah Waggoner Barbara Ellen
ANSTE(A)D Franklin Adams Kelley Grace Mae
ANSTED William Henry Beeker Eliza J.
ANSTED Charles G. Johnston Elizabeth A. "Kittie"
ANSTED Ernest J. Grosteffon Mary Catherine
ANSTED George Bellman Melissa J.
ANSTED Hanford S. B. Hoover Irma Gem
ANSTED Jacob Welker Elizabeth
ANSTED Jacob W. Forrest Mary Ann
ANSTED Lewis M. Goodenough/Dean Marietta
ANSTED Lewis M. Hayden Marietta
ANSTED Orlie Burton Brunt Rosa Mary
ANSTED Orlie Burton Perrine Viola Josephine
ANSTED Solomon Butler Emma Jane
ANSTED William Henry Headley Mary Elizabeth
ANWEILER Henry ??? Martha E.
ANWEILER Henry Knapp Catherine Magdalena
ANWEILER Johann Georg Gensler/Gaenzler Eva Margarethe
ANWEILER Lavern Earl "Andy" Pfeifer Lauretta Louise
APPLEGATE Charles Hill Addie
ARBUCKLE William R. Tolly Bertha Mary
ARCHER Charles Walker Ann
ARCHER, Jr. Pierce Hayward Emma Louise
ARCHER, Sr. Pierce Arnold Maria
ARENDT Hugo C. Hahn Maria
ARENDT Hugo C. Langscheid Emma
ARENZ Clement Schmeltz Anna
ARMSTRONG Aaron McClain Rebecca
ARMSTRONG Charles Christopher Brainard Frances Rebecca
ARMSTRONG Cory Brainard Mills Harriet
ARMSTRONG David Henry Yarger Cuma E.
ARMSTRONG David Sampson Yarger Mary Jane
ARMSTRONG Kenneth L. Reynolds Nellie Jane
ARMSTRONG Marion J. Blouch Caroline M.
ARMSTRONG Robert McClain Mary Elizabeth
ARMSTRONG William Henry Quade Esther
ARMSTRONG William Y. Hostick Lida May
ARNOLD Adolph J. Krueger Pauline Elsie
ARNOLD Albert Christian Cronenwett Emma Christine
ARNOLD Charles L. Weilnau Emma
ARNOLD Johann P. Gustier Elizabeth
Records: 101 to 150 of 4629
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