Genealogical Society of Monroe County, MI
Genealogical Society of Monroe County
Early Settler Certificates
To honor the first families of Monroe County, the Genealogical Society of Monroe County Historical is offering descendants of early settlers, the opportunity to obtain an "Early Settler Certificate".  The application, with the completed lineage and documentation, will be kept on file with the society.  A certificate, suitable for framing with the name of the ancestor and descendant will be issued upon verification of application.  You are encouraged to submit a short biographical sketch of your ancestor along with the application, which will be kept in our files.  There is a list of known early settlers on our web site.
To qualify for an "Early Settler Certificate", the applicant must document direct descent from an ancestor who came to Monroe County prior to July 14, 1817.
An applicant need not be a resident of Monroe County.  After proof of descent has been submitted and eligibility verified, the appropriate certificate will be mailed to the applicant.  If an applicant wants additional certificates for the same ancestor, proof need only be submitted once.  Additional certificates may be ordered by providing the name of the previously documented ancestor.
Please complete the application and include a pedigree chart showing your descent from the ancestor and a family group sheet for the ancestor.   Always include the maiden name of all females, as well as all given names of the ancestors.  One early settler name per certificate.
A copy of a document per generation should be enclosed to prove your lineage.  Do not send originals.  A list of acceptable types of documentation is shown below.  Each generation must be documented.
Include a check or money order, made payable to the Genealogical Society of Monroe County in the amount of $5.00 for each application you send. Send your information to:
Genealogical Society of Monroe County
PO Box 1428
Monroe, MI   48161
Please allow four to six weeks for the processing of the application. Anyone wishing faster service will be accommodated to the best of our ability.
Acceptable Types of Documentation (Proof)
  • Federal census of Michigan showing your ancestor living in Monroe County.
  • School records, school census, report cards.
  • Donation Land Claim or land ownership, plat maps, deeds.
  • Declaration of Intent for Citizenship.
  • Church membership, baptism, or confirmation.
  • Record showing Monroe County birth, marriage or death.
  • Newspaper obituary or article showing Monroe County residence.
  • Estate or probate records.
  • Monroe County history or biographies, give source.
  • Picture of inscription on tombstone, give location.
Proof: letters, bible records, diary entries, subject to committee approval.