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Detroit Man Killed

In the latest batch of births & marriages copied by Ray Dushane for our index of the Monroe Evening News, I noticed a death notice for a Detroit man. I wondered why it would appear in the Monroe paper, so I read it to learn why.  Sam Ingegamesa, the man killed in Detroit, had a sister who lived in Monroe and Sam's body was being sent to Monroe for burial.  
There were a few errors in the Monroe Evening article, not the least was the name of the deceased.  After checking seekingmichigan for Sam in November of 1933 in Detroit with no success, I checked for all deaths in Detroit on 30 November 1933 and found Salvadore Incanicia who was sent to Monroe for burial.  The Master Cemetery Index also contained an entry for Salvadore, but under the surname Incambisa.  Because Salvadore died in an accident, there's a good chance there was an article about his death in the Detroit newspapers as well.  
This highlights the need to check all available sources for information on your ancestor.  They didn't always "get it right" in the newspaper (or on the death certificates for that matter).  
 Be sure to check all information on the death certificate- the informant is a good way to gage the veracity of information found on the certificate.  If an undertaker provided the information, be sure to verify with other sources (the more the better!).  In this case, Roserio Aiuto (note spelling difference from the above article) was the informant and is probably the sister (although her address is the same as the deceased and not Monroe as mentioned in the newspaper article).
death certificate from
Burial Permit from Monroe County Historical Museum