Genealogical Society of Monroe County, MI

Where to do research in Monroe County

Monroe County Genealogical Research Resources:

Libraries and Archives
Obituaries & Newspapers
Church Records
  • St. Mary's Baptism Index - 1830-1839
  • Catholic Church Records on microfilm at Monroe County Public Library- Ellis
  • Christian Church Records (non Catholic) on microfilm at Monroe County Public Library- Ellis
  • Lucas County, Ohio Church Records on microfilm at Monroe County Public Library- Ellis
  • Lucas County, Ohio Church Records available on-line at
  • Archdioceses of Detroit- Monroe County Catholic Churches were under their jurisdiction
  • Transcribed church records of Monroe County- available in book form at Ellis, Monroe Historical Museum and GSMC's archives.  Several Monroe County Church ledgers have been transcribed/translated and are available for research in Ellis Library, some are also available in the Monroe Historical Museum, and GSMC's archives.
  • Trinity Lutheran Church (1830's-1921)- transcribed and translated from original German by Margarette Miller. 
  • Zion/St. Paul Lutheran Church (1848 - 1910)- transcribed and translated from original German by L. Dunham.
  • St. John Lutheran, Dundee (1850-1886)- transcribed and translated from original German by L. Dunham
  • St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran (1860-1913)- now Prince of Peace- transcribed and translated from original German by L Dunham
  • Evangelical Lutheran Emmanuel Church aka Pear Tree Church (1856-1878)- transcribed and translated from original German by L. Dunham.
  • St. Paul Lutheran Church, Maybee (1860-1930)-transcribed and translated from original German.
  • Holy Ghost Lutheran (1846-1939)- transcribed and translated from original German. 
  • St. Charles Catholic Church, Newport -transcribed by Lynn Reaume
  • St. Joseph Catholic Church, Erie -transcribed by Lynn Reaume
  • St. Patrick Catholic Church, Carleton -transcribed by Lynn Reaume
  • East Ida Immanuel Lutheran records- copies of original baptism, marriage & burial ledgers on file at the museum, copies of some transcriptions on file in our archives (thanks to Joy Engel!)
Probate Court
  • Probate Records on microfilm - Estate files 3-2460 (1811-1870) LDS.  These films are also available at the Archives of Michigan in Lansing.  Copies are 20 cents/page.
  • Probate Search - The search covers only 1988 to current.  The Probate Court has all Monroe County probate files on record beginning in 1811.  To view or copy any probate records, you must make an appointment with the probate court (734) 240-7346  Copies are $1/page. 
Military Research
Vital Records
  • Monroe County Michigan County Clerk 
  • Courthouse directory - Great resource for all things Monroe County Courthouse, including a history of the building, when the courthouse burned, and what records were affected.
  • Birth, Marriage & Death Records have been transcribed by GSMC from the Monroe County Courthouse records and copies of our books containing these transcriptions are available for purchase from GSMC or can be viewed in our archives, the Monroe Historical Museum, Ellis Reference Library, and Bedford Library.  Births and deaths begin in 1867, Marriages in 1818.  Researchers can visit the County Clerk's office in the Monroe County Courthouse M, T, Th, or F from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm (Closed from 12:00-1:00 pm.)  See the County's website for details on cost of copies and any record limitations. 
  • seekingmichigan- Death certificates for entire State of  Michigan 1897-1920. Certificates for 1921 to 1939 are available to search and print.  Certificates from 1940-1952 are being added!!  If having troubles printing a death certificate, try downloading it and printing it from a paint program. You can also crop out the black border, saving some ink/toner.  Or use Chrome as your browser!  Chrome works better for too!  If you can't find your Cousino ancestors in seekingmichigan, try searching on Cousins.... most seem to be indexed incorrectly as Cousins rather than Cousino.
  • Michigan Deaths 1867-1897 - Deaths in Michigan from state ledgers on
  • Michigan Births 1867-1902 - Births in Michigan from state ledgers on 
  • Michigan Marriages 1868-1925 - Marriages in Michigan from state ledgers on
  • Michigan Death Records- Gendis- Judy noticed that our first death book had only 1 death in 1869... check here for the early deaths in our county, not all were recorded in the county ledger, some were sent directly to the state!
  • Michigan Death Certificate Index 1921-1952- Information from Michigan death certificates on
  • Ida Deaths 1924-  Several of the deaths that occurred in Ida Twp in 1924 were not recorded in the county courthouse, but were sent directly to Lansing.   See attached list for the records missing from the Monroe County Courthouse for Ida Twp.
  • Wayne County Death Indexes- 1934-1953 (not City of Detroit)
  • Washtenaw County Marriage & Death Index- 1959 to present


Local Histories
  • Outline Map of Monroe County showing approximate locations of cities and villages
  • Ward Map of City of Monroe 1870-1920
  • Map of Monroe County Cemeteries - Numbers on cemeteries below correlate to this map.
  • Early Land Patents in Monroe County
  • Michigan County Histories and Atlases  - The Michigan County Histories and Atlases Digitization Project is comprised of 428 digitized titles (many composed of multiple volumes) published before 1923. The collection offers all members of the community free keyword searching and page-by-page access to digitized reproductions of Michigan county histories and atlases as a resource for historical and genealogical research. 
  • Map of Langensteinbach, Baden 1758- Many Monroe County German families originated from this town in Baden, Germany.


Cemeteries - 
27.   Ash Center (aka Campbell Burying Ground)
113. Baker Cemetery (See Carleton Cemetery)
62.   Blouch Cemetery (See Neriah Cemetery)
71.   Blue Bush Cemetery (See St. Joseph Cemetery, Leidel-Hoffman Cemetery)
87.   Bound Cemetery  (See Rath Cemetery) 
17.   Brest Cemetery - one known burial in this cemetery, Gideon Badger, a Revolutionary War vet
113. Carleton Cemetery (aka Baker Cemetery)
29.   Clark Cemetery (located at the intersection of Will-Carleton Road & I-275.  It is on
        private property and permission must be granted for entry from the property owner.)
79.   Cone Catholic Cemetery (See Old St. Marys Cemetery in Cone, Milan Twp)
70.   Cooney Irish Catholic Cemetery (See St. John's Catholic Cemetery) 
53.   Coppernoll Cemetery (See Sandy Hill Cemetery) located in Exeter Twp
49.   Erie Union Cemetery (aka Union Cemetery)
31.   Evergreen Cemetery (See Port Creek Evergreen Cemetery)
93.   Head-O-Lake Cemetery (See Lakeview Cemetery, Pleasantview Cemetery)
82.   Holy Ghost Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery (aka Sandy Creek) ALL stones are now on FAG.                   Be careful using the information on some memorials- some people are posting to Holy Ghost                   when the cemetery should be Gethsemane.  
37.   Hungerford Cemetery - no longer active and no known stones exist, located in Bedford Twp on
        Jackman Road
104. Immaculate Heart of Mary Cemetery (aka St. Joseph Catholic- IHM Sisters Private Cemetery)
59.   Immanuel Cemetery (aka East Ida) 
54.   Johnson Cemetery - located in Exeter Twp on Oakville-Waltz Rd. No longer used, last known
        burial in 1915.
84.   King Cemetery aka Sackett Cemetery- most graves in this cemetery are on Find A Grave!
93.   Lakeview Cemetery (aka Head-O-Lake Cemetery, Pleasantview Cemetery)
71.   Leidel-Hoffman Cemetery (See Blue Bush Cemetery, St. Joseph Cemetery)
73.   London Township Cemetery - across Plank Road from London Vault Cemetery, next to the church 
73.   London Vault Cemetery - on SW side of Plank Road across from the church.  See London
        Twp Cemetery in Find-A-Grave listings.
58.   Lulu Cemetery (aka Ida Twp Cemetery)
85.   McIntyre Cemetery also known as Sand Pit or Sand Hill, Blue Bush or Coppernoll Cemetery, located in Raisinville Twp
22.   Monroe Potter's Field Cemetery  (See Potter's Field, County Infirmary)
62.   Neriah Cemetery (aka Blouch Cemetery)
46.   Oak Grove Cemetery (aka Oakwood Cemetery)
105. Old Burial Ground (aka St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Old St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery)
110. Old Petersburg Cemetery (aka Wing Cemetery)
15.   Old Saint Charles Cemetery (aka Saint Charles Cemetery)
79.   Old St. Marys Cemetery (aka Cone Catholic Cemetery)
39.   Our Lady of Mount Carmel Ressurrection Cemetery (aka Ressurrection Cemetery)
93.   Pleasantview Cemetery (See Lakeview Cemetery, Head-O-Lake Cemetery)
75.   Pool Townsend Cemetery (aka Raleighville Cemetery)
31.   Port Creek Evergreen Cemetery (aka Evergreen Cemetery)
32.   Potter Cemetery (aka Swan Creek Cemetery)
22.   Potter's Field (aka Monroe Potter's Field Cemetery, County Infirmary)
86.   Prince of Peace Church Cemetery (aka St. Matthews)
87.   Rath Cemetery  - next to Prince of Peace Cemetery
75.   Raleighville Cemetery (See Pool Townsend Cemetery) 
39.   Ressurrection Cemetery (aka Our Lady of Mount Carmel Ressurrection Cemetery)
15.   Saint Charles Cemetery (aka Old Saint Charles Cemetery)
40.   St. Anthony's Catholic Cemetery (Bedford Twp, on Erie Road between Douglas & Secor)
70.   St. John's Catholic Cemetery (aka Cooney Irish Catholic Cemetery)
71.   St. Joseph Cemetery (aka Blue Bush Cemetery, Leidel-Hoffman Cemetery)
86.   St. Matthews Cemetery- aka Prince of Peace (was St. Matthews until 1960 when the church      merged with St. Marks in Ida)
34.   St. Patrick's Catholic #1 (this cemetery is in 3 sections, Cemetery # 1 is located in Exeter Twp on 
        Exeter Road) (aka Stoney Creek Cemetery)
34.   St. Patrick's Catholic #2 (this cemetery is in 3 sections, Cemetery # 2 is located in Ash Twp on the
         corner of Exeter & Stoney Creek Rds ) 
34.   St. Patrick's Catholic #3 (this cemetery is in 3 sections, Cemetery # 3 is located in Ash Twp on
        W. Labo Road)  
56.   St. Paul's Lutheran - Maybee
24.   St. Paul's Lutheran- Monroe Twp (aka Zoar)
53.   Sandy Hill Cemetery (aka Coppernoll Cemetery)
32.   Swan Creek Cemetery (See Potter Cemetery)
49.   Union Cemetery (aka Erie Union Cemetery)
42.   Van Auken Cemetery (See also Whiteford Union or Union Cemetery)
41.   Weeks Cemetery (located in Samaria- only 2 known burials, Sam and Sammy Weeks)
16.   White Cemetery (aka LaDuc, located on the east side of North Dixie Hwy near South Street in 
         Section 7 of Berlin Twp)
96.   Whiteford Union Cemetery (aka Whiteford Cemetery) Lambertville, MI
108. Woodland Cemetery (aka Woodland Historic or Grove Cemetery) Special thanks to Jane & Lo              for the many memorials. 
107. Zion Lutheran Cemetery- Monroe 
Land Records
Bureau of Land Office Records -live access to Federal land conveyance records for the Public Land States, including image access to more than five million Federal land title records issued between 1820 and the present.
Land Record Definitions- thanks to Don Adams (and Dave Rekuc for scanning) for providing the definitions and explanations of land records for Monroe County and Michigan.
Census Records
1940 Census- The official site for the 1940 census!  FREE
1940 Census form -blank form with all questions asked in 1940 census
Heritage Quest (via Ellis Library):  1790-1820 & 1860-1930 (partial) census.   FREE for Monroe County residents
LDS Familysearch - 1790-1940 census records, miscellaneous state census records too!    FREE
Miscellaneous Records
Navarre Lime Book Index - compiled by Cliff Venier- Joseph G Navarre (1803-1862) was a member of a prominent early Monroe family.  His “lime” book is an account book for his business transaction for the periods 1835-1838 and 1846-1853.  His business in 1835 involved calcining limestone to make lime, which was used to neutralize soil to increase yields in agriculture.
Although the original purpose was to record lime “burns”, the book quickly became both a business account book and a journal of significant events.  One interesting historical note:  the amounts of accounts were often calculated in “bits”, one-eighth of a dollar (hence, a quarter is two bits).  The symbol for bit was /.
The database records about 1000 entries, many of which are multiple entries for the same person.  For example, there are five entries for George Custer in early 1849, and 55 for Abraham Chenever in the 1850s.
Historical & Genealogical Societies
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Grosse Ile Historical Museum             
Dearborn Museum  -has some local church records on microfilm.  Open Tuesdays 10-4 or by appointment.
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