Genealogical Society of Monroe County, MI

Our Current Projects

GSMC members have always been very active in transcribing the county's vital records for our many publications.  We can use assistance transcribing at the courthouse (Wednesdays 9-12 and 1-4), proofreading records, or creating indexes.  Or just come in to help us make copies!  
We have several other projects being worked on if you can't go to our archives or the courthouse.  If you are interested in helping out with any of these projects, please let us know.  
  1. Master Cemetery Index- the indexes for the cemetery transcriptions done by Frieda Kellie and Shirley Keehn in the late 1970's and early 1980's are almost completed now with almost 50,000 entries.  We currently have cemeteries in 8 townships complete and are working on getting the burial records for local cemeteries to find burials for those without markers.  If you know someone who has the records of a local cemetery, we'd appreciate getting copies of the records so we can include those buried without markers.  We plan to put the index of the county's cemeteries on our website this year.
  2. King's Notes Update- in 1979 the Museum published the notes of Jason King who had amassed a huge collection of information about the Civil War soldiers who lived in Monroe County.  Jason died before he could finish his project, so the museum published his NOTES, hence the name of the book.  Much more information is available to researchers (especially on the internet) so we are updating the book in conjuction with the Friends of the Museum as a fund raiser for the Monroe County Historical Museum.  There are approximately 2500 listings in the database and we now have folders for all of them in the Monroe County Historical Museum!!.   List of soldiers with folders.  NOTE:  This list is almost 350 pages.  Be careful when printing!!  If you have a relative that is listed in King's Notes, PLEASE let us know what additional information you have on him.  If you have a pension file, PLEASE take it to the museum to allow us to copy it and add to our collection.  We are trying to find the following on each soldier:
  • Complete death date (King just gave year of death, if known)
  • Place of death
  • Burial location
  • Whether grave has a tombstone on it
  • Birthdate, parents and wife, if married
               We are getting close to completing our review of all the soldiers, but have found a few new casualties.  Please check the list to make sure your Civil War soldier is included and ensure we get his information published correctly!  Hard copies of the information we have found on these soldiers can be found in the files in the Monroe County Historical Museum.  Be sure to stop by the museum to see the collection we have amassed on the men from Monroe County that served our country during the Civil War!!!  Most have death and burial information, and many have actual pension files in the folder thanks to our generous members.
Several of our county soldiers do not have markers on their graves.  See attached list for those without markers.   Eventually we'd like to place markers on all these graves, but the restrictions on obtaining government markers has made that difficult to accomplish. ........mmnbb..lll.           
  1. Cemetery Transcriptions-  it has been quite some time since the county's cemeteries have been transcribed, if you are interested in tackling a cemetery, please let us know!  Some have already been done (Oakgrove and Pleasantview, thanks to Barb Roe!) and others are in progress (London, Memorial Place, Holy Ghost, Trinity, and St. Paul in Maybee).  If you are willing to spend a few hours walking a cemetery in the county, let us know!  We'd love to add to our list of transcriptions.  
  2. Obit Index Additions-  about 70 entries in the museum obit file do not have first names, down from 2200!  Most of these are married women listed as Mrs. (first name of husband).  We've been checking these in the county death records, census, and marriage records to fill in the unknown first name for these women and have completed over 2100 so far.  Take a look at the List of Unknown First Names and if you know what the first name should be send a note to Chris Kull along with your source of the information.  Most date from the 1870s through 1890s and don't appear to be in the county death records.